psa[play 120


By removing the screen, Nike was able to shrink the size of this digital audio player - the first created just for sport. The smooth, soft, edgeless design that rests comfortably in the palm can be operated by a thumb with no need to see any controls. Athletes can stop, play, fast-forward and reverse through tactile elements and obtain pure musical motivation without slowing down for techie, seldom-used features.

"Nike did a great job of minimizing the features and the interface to only what you need to enjoy music on the go. The aesthetics are very appealing and the accessories make it extremely usable products for athletes. The psa[play 120 is more an extension of your music collection than an extension of your computer." -Carl Price, IDSA, Bose Corp.

Contact: Phil Frank,
Nike, Inc.,

Designers: Nike, Inc.