PowerBook G4 (12 and 17 inch)


The 17" monitor is the largest display for a notebook and has the same viewing area as a 19-inch CRT monitor with the ability to display two full pages at one time. Still, it's the thinnest notebook Apple has produced. The legends of the full-sized keyboard are backlit by hundreds of fiber optic strands. Slot loading combo DVD/CD drive, G4 processor, built-in Blue Tooth wireless technology, Airport Extreme (802-11g) for networking and a full-sized keyboard round out the feaures. The notebook is made with aircraft grade aluminum for the outer skins with welded structural members and a die cast aluminum frame.

"The 17" and 12" PowerBooks are detailed with jewel precision, utilizing exotic materials and processes to ensure high quality feel, fit and finish. A host of innovative thoughtful user features such as back-lit key legends that automatically adjust to ambient light, slot loading combo drives and wireless Blue Tooth technology, all answer specific problems of the mobile computer user." -Jim Couch, IDSA, Principal, Substance.

Contact: Teri Pelton,
Apple Computer, Inc.,

Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.