Power Mac G5


Creating an enclosure that complements the first 64-bit processor presented challenges in structure, access, cooling and electrical emissions. The design team had to design around an intelligent airflow system that required front and rear panel perforations to allow cooler air to enter the enclosure in the front, then exhaust it out the rear (making the G5 run three times quieter than previous Power Macs). The result is a robust and confidence-inspiring aesthetic.

  • Internal components are elegantly mounted for easy access.
  • Intuitive drive guides let you smoothly mount or remove either of the dual hard drives effortlessly.

"The G5 is impressive with visually lithe qualities and a host of thoughtful and innovative user features wrapped in aluminum. Its well-engineered technical features, such as its cooling system and internal component mounts, are honestly and elegantly executed. The G5's aesthetic is a pure and graceful expression of Apple's philosophical precept of leaving no detail un-designed. This is what results when engineering and design play nice with each other." - Christopher Alviar, IDSA, Principal, CG/A

Contact: Teri Pelton,
Apple Computer, Inc,

Credit: Apple Computer, Inc