PicoCricket, a tiny computer that can make things spin, light up and play music, helps kids design unique inventions. Children who are reluctant technology users will benefit from its simple-to-use components, which were designed to be self-evident. The electric-eye component, for example, incorporates an eyeglass-like lens, communicating sight. Inventions are created by simply wiring together components, which helps children learn how the pieces work together. Clear plastic windows on the components reveal the mechanics underneath, an embedded learning opportunity. PicoCricket puts children in charge of discovery, design and technology all at once. It has received much critical acclaim, including being deemed an “editor’s pick” from Children’s Technology Review and a “must-have” gadget by MSN.

Contact: Thomas Isaacson, IDSA
Smart Design

Credit: Smart Design and Playful Invention Company Inc. (PICO)