Perfect Portions


Client: Safety 1st Inc./Dorel Design & Development

Keeping the design spirit light and fun, the Perfect Portions line enhances and improves the process of preparing food and feeding infants as they develop from birth to 36 months, as well as encouraging them to learn how to eventually feed themselves and use utensils. The product line ranges from 5-inch utensils to 8-inch diameter bowls.

"Perfect Portions considers the needs of both parent and infant throughout an infant's early feeding development. The designs are simple, fun and refreshingly devoid of licensed characters, overt decoration and traditional primary color schemes. Innovations such as easy-to-read markings, spill catching edges, built-in spoon rests, easy to hold forms and softer colors will make this line popular with parents and admirers of good design." — Betsy Goodrich, IDSA

Contact: Wayne Marcus, IDSA,
Product Ventures Ltd.,

Credit: Safety 1st Inc./Dorel Design & Development, Dot Studio, Inc., Insight Product Development, Velocity Product Development and Danebroch Studios