Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptop


Client: Panasonic AVC Networks Company, Japan

The Toughbook CF-R3 laptop is targeted to business professionals requiring mobile computing. The design balances two contradictory principles of lightness (it weighs in at just over 2 pounds along with an impressive nine-hour battery life) and toughness (for optimum protection of the hard drive) all in a sleek and engaging form. Its sophisticated styling is full of originality, including the raised, bonnet structure on the exterior top panel and the circular scrolling touch pad, which enables scrolling by tracing around the rim. The waveform palm rest improves the PC's heat release and reduces the perceived temperature on the palm. In addition, the consumer's ability to color customize the exterior top panel (with up to 14 color choices) has contributed to a 150 percent increase in Internet sales.

Contact: Masaru Tochishita,
Panasonic Design Company, Japan,

Credit: Panasonic Design Company, Japan