Palm Zire Handheld Computer


Client: Palm, Inc.

Departing from the familiar PalmTM, the ZireTM was given a new shape and color, which would transcend the world market. Thinner and about 20% smaller by volume than a PalmTM m100, the ZireTM is portable and can go as long as a month on single charge of its rechargeable batteries. To save money, the new flip lid is a third of the cost as other PalmTM models. Great design benefits and price point; 90% of sales are first time buyers.

"The PalmTM ZireTM impressed with its attention to detail and it elegant simplicity (particularly for an entry level product). The Zire'sTM appearance conveys a quite, calm, Zen-like aesthetic that is normally reserved for products selling at twice its cost. Simplifying the user interface, reducing its thickness, size and weight, and incorporating a power source that can go as long as a month on a single charge all contributes to making the PalmTM ZireTM highly desirable." -Jim Couch, IDSA, Principal, Substance.

Contact: Josh Morenstein,
newdealdesign, LLC,

Credit: newdealdesign, LLC and Palm, Inc.