The PalmPeeler is a new twist on an age-old product: the vegetable peeler. In an effort to make peeling vegetables both fun and intuitive, the design focus settled on the idea of the peeler as an extension of the hand. The playful conclusion to this question was to put the blade in the palm. Simply slip the PalmPeeler onto your finger like a ring and start peeling. The large rubber pad protects fingers and the palm from the blade and provides a soft, secure platform to work against. Its form mimics the cupping of a palm, which is inviting to the hand. The PalmPeeler comes in a range of fun, playful colors as well as a stainless steel version to complement today’s popular kitchen finishes.

“An intuitive and simple solution…redefines the most mundane activities with style, balance and usability.”

Franco Lodato, IDSA, Head, R&D Division, North American Region, Pininfarina Extra USA

Contact: Jessica Ahlering

Credit: Chef'n Corporation

Client:Chef'n Corporation