One Touch™ Can Opener


The One Touch Can Opener is the world’s first cordless hands-free can opener. Forget struggling to puncture a hole. Simply place One Touch on the can and press start. It “walks around” the can by itself, stopping automatically when the can is open. When you lift the opener off the can, a magnet on the opener removes the lid as well. Inspired by natural forms, such as pebbles and dolphins, its soft, sculptural shape is quite distinct from the sharp edges and even sharper blades of traditional openers. When not in use, the cutter and drive wheel are retracted into the casing, hiding sharp edges. With no protruding handles or grips, One Touch’s smooth, flowing organic shape is sculptured tightly around the internal components. It was originally designed for senior citizens but has since proved popular with anyone needing to open a can.

“… very elegant in design and simple to use for everyone. It includes people with manual disabilities in the product experience rather than setting them apart.”

Steve Wilcox, FIDSA, Principal, Design Science

Contact: Joey Chung

Credit:Daka Development Ltd (Hong Kong)