NYSE Wireless Handheld Computer


The New York Stock Exchange needed to upgrade the handheld wireless technology traders were using on the floor. Traders use these terminals intermittently throughout the day but need to keep the device with them at all times. The innovative solution deftly balances the client's physical requirements (large touch-screen, powerful, long battery life) with the opposing needs of the user (highly mobile, unobtrusive profile, lightweight). A secure shoulder strap allows the handheld computer to dangle comfortably against the body when not in use. A sensor automatically turns off the touch-screen when the units are upside down, saving battery life and locking the touch screen from accidental inputs. When in use the computer's narrow profile and curved back helps it fit more comfortably in the trader's palm. The weight was reduced from existing equipment while the screen size was left unchanged.

Contact: Luis Elizalde,
IBM Corp., USA,

Credit: IBM Corp.