Nokia 7600


Breaking out of the pack, the design of this Nokia announces the arrival of 3G mobile communications technology. Placing the screen/display in the center of the design has made it the focal point, shifting the emphasis away from voice calls to still imaging and video technology.

  • Its configuration is easier to use and more intuitive than existing multi-media devices.
  • A new concept, "twin-axis," gives the user one axis of key input in line with the display and an axis of speech at approximately 45 degrees, meaning the user doesn't have to alter his or her grip on the phone when raising it up to the ear for voice calls.
  • Changeable parts may be exchanged for ones in leather and suede, materials not heretofore used in this kind of product, giving the consumer a new tactile experience.

"It's a beautifully executed story. Mobile communications now include pictures, text, and more. The 7600 expresses new use patterns through a bold and iconic shape. The warm feeling and soft touch suggest technology and fashion are blending." - Rick Lewis, IDSA, Principal + Co-Founder, seven02 design, LLC

Contact: Tej Chauhan,
Nokia Mobile Phones, United Kingdom

Credit: Nokia Mobile Phones, United Kingdom