Nike Considered Boot


The Nike Considered Boot is a performance shoe that combines subtle styling with unique environmental benefits without sacrificing Nike's commitment to design innovation. The handcrafted boot sports a unique look obtained by weaving hemp lace between the leather upper to produce a one-of-a-kind shoe that molds to the foot. The project grew out of consumer feedback that clearly indicated a desire for more sustainable products. The designers achieved impressive environmental statistics: a reduction of 61 percent in manufacturing waste, 35 percent in energy consumption and 89 percent in the use of solvents. In addition, the shoe is designed to be more effectively recycled in Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe program. The product launch has surpassed expectations and has led Nike to consider similar issues in its other product lines.

"An amazing confluence of handcraft and high technology." -Michael McCoy, IDSA, Partner, McCoy & McCoy

"This boot was a big winner because it hit all the design chords: looks good, looks human, looks crafted, looks ecological, looks functional-the leap looks fashionable! Nike transformed granola and broccoli into voguish shoes!" -Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, President, Springtime-USA

Contact: Shelley Zimmer,
Nike, USA,

Credit: Nike