NetGear Platinum II


For their line of modular networking products Netgear was seeking a new look that expresses innovation and sophistication while still providing a link to their previous family of products. The design includes a mirror that wraps around the unit's periphery, which enhances the glow of the controls, giving it a "halo effect" while simultaneously reflecting the surrounding environment and engaging the device with its environment. Folding rubber feet provide the option of an attractive vertical position and hide screw holes.

The device's underside maintains a clean aesthetic when placed in its adjustable stand. The designers also achieved a 30 percent savings both in product cost and assembly time by reducing the part-count from 24 to 8, demonstrating that design innovation doesn't need to be costly.

"Imagine a Finnish housewife knitting an iPod-that would give you the idea of NetGear's Platinum II. This is technology made human. The vent details make this product feel like some kind of embroidered plastic-an intersection of craft and high technology. The cool metal band presents the technology like a digital necklace. That info-graphic band shows that it's active in an elegant way that would fit in a lavish men's club or a trendy spa." -Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, President, Springtime-USA

Contact: Gadi Amit, IDSA,
NewDealDesign LLC, USA,

Credit: NewDealDesign LLC; NetGear Inc.