MY_WAY Printer


MY_WAY is a portable, Bluetooth-enabled photo printer that can interface with digital cameras, memory cards and mobile phones. In stark contrast to traditional printers, MY_WAY’s user interface is based on a left-to-right, top-to-bottom, step-by-step interaction that takes its cues from linear reading modes. A screen provides constant feedback, while a blue light indicates Bluetooth connectivity. Portability is at the heart of the design with a playful built-in handle, compact, lightweight construction for stowing in a purse or backpack, and on-the-go power flexibility using batteries or an in-car cigarette lighter. With its distinctive, stylish look and feel, there is no mistaking MY_WAY for a traditional, gray monolithic business-style printer. Its success in the market has led the company to launch a second version, the MY_WAY Plus.

Contact: Whitney Mortimer

Credit: IDEO and Olivetti (Italy)

Client: Olivetti (Italy)