MoGo Mouse BT


MoGo Mouse BT is a PC-card-sized, Bluetooth-enabled mouse that inventively utilizes a laptop’s existing features (PC card slot and ready power source) to provide unparalleled portability and function. Simply open the kickstand and the mouse turns on. Its raised profile mimics the stance of a traditional mouse allowing users to grasp the sides for navigating, and wells in the buttons allow the fingers to do the driving. When on the go, stow MoGo inside the PC card slot, where it uses the laptop’s battery to recharge. Despite its ultra-slim profile, MoGo has the soft look, engaging contours and solid feel of a standard mouse. It is sure to please mobile professionals who prefer a traditional mouse but don’t like the inconvenience of carrying and caring for another device.

Contact: Jack Corrao II

Credit: Manifold Product Development, Newton Peripherals and Continuum