Master Lock Titanium Series Padlocks


Client: Master Lock Co.

Making a bold statement with an undisputed sense of strength, Master Lock significantly changed a design that had not been altered in 50 years. Master Lock's new line of keyed padlocks for consumer use in home and yard applications has titanium reinforced steel lock components, a laser welded stainless steel body, rubberized over molding and a co-injection molded ABS bumper.

"The design of such an everyday item certainly wasn't taken for granted by either the manufacturer or the designer. This design communicates virtues of strength and pleasing aesthetics. Good looking enough to place on highly designed architectural gates, and yet, strong enough to provide an impenetrable, durable and very likeable solution. And, the market enthusiasm for this product affirms that design can be a meaningful differentiator in most every market." — Ravi Sawhney, IDSA

Contact: Ed Milano,
Design Continuum,

Credit: Design Continuum and Master Lock Co.