Malden Mills Polartec Heat Blanket


Client : Malden Mills

A beautiful interface, innovative radio controllers and made from recycled material makes the Polartec Heat Blanket a unique and innovative blanket. It is an electrically heated blanket that utilizes proprietary conductive fibers woven into the fabric as its heating source. The blanket provides an even distribution of heating throughout the entire blanket without the apparent wiring that is typical in conventional electric blankets.

"The design team at Polartec has done an outstanding job of 'reinventing' the electric blanket. The focus on product life cycle and extended use is a wonderful example of the holistic approach the field of design brings to product development. The design gestalt for the control unit is great looking, intuitive to use and appropriate for the product. I can only give this product my highest compliment: I'm going out and buy one!"—Charles L. Jones, FIDSA

Contact: Daniel F. Cuffaro, IDSA,
Altitude, Inc.,

Credit: Altitude, Inc. and Malden Mills