M-Systems Flash Key


Client: M-Systems, Israel

M-Systems was the world leader in flash memory storage but had yet to tap into the consumer market. In less than three months, ZIBA Design identified and developed a personal, portable, platform-independent storage device that acts like an add-on computer when plugged into any USB socket. It allows people to share hours of music, medical data, financial information or any other kind of file without cords, cables, batteries, adapters, disks or drives.

"This elegant and deceptively powerful product bridges a cumbersome technology gap in the file-sharing/transfer arena. The "plug & play" technology introduces a new level of freedom to an increasingly transient society and solves a technology problem that many may not yet know they have. Every detail of this small package is beautifully resolved, from the portability clue of the pocket clip to the puzzle-piece lock." -Merry Riehm, IDSA, ProductLogic

Contact: Michael Francis,
ZIBA Design, Inc.,

Designers: ZIBA Design, Inc.