Logitech KeyCase


This breakthrough design combines two of the most popular PDA accessories to create one: a QWERTY keyboard that is also a protective cover for the Logitech PDA. The keyboard is made of a "smart fabric" that can accurately sense location and pressure; when not in use, the keyboard wraps around the device and is secured with an integral elastic strip. Tough enough to withstand spills and daily cleaning, this ergonomic keyboard solves the problem of extended typing on a PDA.

  • Resembles an expensive accessory wallet or purse, but fits the design aesthetic of the Palm PDA.

"The Logitech KeyCase is clearly a revolution and breakthrough in technology, usability and functionality. Designed with real fingertips in mind, this full size folding "conductive fiber" keyboard sets the standards for the mobile users and increased productivity. Aside from the brand positioning and leadership value for Logitech, the real winner of this product is the user! I applaud the designers and their thoughtful creative solution that really embodies the essence of the portable digital lifestyle." - Donald Brown, IDSA, Design Specialist, Strategy, Xerox Corp.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: Design Partners, Ireland; Eleksen, United Kingdom; IDEO and Logitech