34UC97 Curved, Ultra-wide Computer Monitor


For the first time in the world, a curved computer monitor has been designed with a screen ratio of 21:9. LG’s 34" screen sufficiently meets the needs of graphic experts and high-spec game users who are the main target consumers for the ultimate sense of screen immersion. The premium product features a minimalist design concept with unnecessary decorative elements removed to ensure the best screen experience. The unique, refined and slim-lined metal stand provides a differentiated image from the lightness of the product. The two-toned, bezel-less screen completes the slim and narrow design. Harmonizing well with the metal stand, the rear design where a single cover is emphasized—and a champagne color—further enhance the premium image of this product.

Designed by: Jae-neung Jung, Sung-hoon Oh and Gang-ho Woo of LG Electronics, Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com