LCD Monitor Mobius (SyncMaster 971p)


The triple-hinge design of the Mobius LCD monitor means creating an optimal ergonomic environment is easier than ever. Like a Mobius strip, the monitor has a three-dimensional, puzzle-like form. But it was not created simply to look interesting; the design began with the intent to offer versatile adjustment capabilities and features to make computing more comfortable and effortless. By embedding the USB port in the stand, connecting digital devices such as a camera or external drive doesn’t require contorted fumbling. The monitor also helps keep desks uncluttered with the cord connections located at the bottom of the stand. Consumers have clearly responded to the Mobius Monitor, with a sales volume two-and-a-half times that of Samsung’s premium monitor. The Leeum Museum and the National Museum of Korea have also adopted the monitor for use in their exhibits.

“Not only practical and functional, but a dramatic, dynamic form: a complete departure from the usual symmetrical, seen-a-hundred-times monitor base. Provides a welcome and original freshness on the desk, changing its aspect from every new angle. A pleasure every time you see it.”

Richard Sapper, Consultant

Contact: Minsun Kim
+82 275-07712

Credit: Samsung Electronics (South Korea) and IDEO

Client: Samsung Electronics