Knirps X1 & Knirps X1 Display


Client: Knirps GmbH, Germany

This is the world's smallest umbrella, capable of withstanding winds in excess of 80 kilometers per hour and constructed of a material that dries faster than other umbrellas. Fabric matching the umbrella is applied to the case, making it is easier for the user to pick their color/style of choice. The case eliminates the need for excess packaging and the shape has kept competitors from being placed in the Knirps wall-mounted display rack. The modular rack can also be put on the floor or a tabletop.

  • The display can also be sold as an umbrella stand for cafes and hotels.
  • Small, smart & beautiful

Contact: David Haythornthwaite, IDSA,
haythornthwaitedesign, New Zealand

Credit: haythornthwaitedesign, New Zealand