Kestrel Airfoil Pro Triathlon Bicycle


Client: Kestrel Bicycles

The design team was challenged to apply new research in aerodynamics and bonding techniques to the weight and wind-cheating triathlon market. Taking advantage of a phenomenon called "center of pressure," they designed the rear end of the bike to function as a sail in a crosswind, actually propelling the rider down the road.

  • A look that says "speed and strength."
  • The new design greatly reduced time to market and enabled a 50 per cent savings on tooling and a 40% savings on each molded frame
  • The absence of a seat tube gives the rider a more comfortable, compliant ride.

"The Kestrel Airfoil Pro champions simplicity and efficiency. It has an uninterrupted flow, an inviting appeal and an intelligent, strategic configuration. It is not only an excellent example of innovation in design, it is a true model of good sportsmanship." - Judy Ellis, Founder and Chairperson, The Toy Design Department, Fashion Institute of Technology

Contact: David Moriconi,
IDE Inc,

Credit: IDE Inc