JBL OnTour portable sound system


Client: Harman Consumer Group

OnTour is a sophisticated portable sound system that will play music from any source using a headphone jack, including all iPods, MP3 players, laptops and DVD/CD players. To achieve portability, the design needed to be compact with a long battery life. However, in order to be successful, aesthetics could not be compromised. The pocket flask-with its timeless appeal, portability and upper crust connotations-became a metaphor for the design. This is most evident in the device's curved profile. When closed, the electronics are protected like a turtle shell underneath the integrated lid, and its slightly curved shape fits comfortably in your pocket. When the lid is opened, the curved silhouette is deepened and the speakers and user interface exposed. Other quality details like inlaid metals and precise fit and finish make OnTour a very elegant sound piece. OnTour has increased JBL's bottom line by 15 percent.

Contact: Kurt Solland,
Harman Multimedia, USA,

Credit: Harman Multimedia