IRIVER IFP1000 Series MP3 Player & Digital Camera


Client: Reigncom Co. Ltd, Korea

This MP3 player integrates a high-end personal digital music player with a digital camera. The device's design needed to maintain the identity and compactness of the client's previous model (a digital music player only) and integrate the camera. The camera's optics are housed inside a cylinder, which is able to slide into the body of the player when not in use. The cylinder also rotates 180 degrees for taking self-portraits. Its prism shape and the placement of the buttons allow users to handle the iRiver more comfortably. High-strength plastic casings and chrome-plated surfaces enhance its appeal and durability. It was designed for people attracted to the ability to be able to take digital photos anywhere and listen to music anytime. Since its release, company profits have doubled.

Contact: Moon Young OH,
+82 2 3445 6481,

Credit: INNODESIGN Inc., USA and Korea