iPod Mini


"Don't just make it smaller-reinvent it!" seems to have been the thought behind this version of the iPod MP3 player. At 3.6 oz., nearly half the weight of the original, the Mini holds 1000 songs with an 8-hour battery life. And it has a great new look-it has the footprint of a business card and comes in 5 colors.

  • The new Click wheel provides ease of use, while saving space by integrating the buttons into the wheel itself.
  • Major focus on the details.

"Like a modern touchstone the iPod Mini is a product people will love to hold. The designers skillfully integrated the satin aluminum case with flush controls and a simple touchpad interface to create a jewel-like piece of technology." - Monty Montague, IDSA, Design Principal, BOLT

Contact: Teri Pelton,
Apple Computer, Inc,

Credit: Apple Computer, Inc