Bringing amazing, simple usage to the cluttered electronic world, Apple has made a huge design statement with the simplicity of the iPod. It is the first MP3 player to hold 1,000 songs, five gigabytes of data, have an eight-hour battery life and only weigh 6.5 ounces. Connected to a Macintosh by a FireWire cable, the iPod can download a CD within 10 seconds and the battery charges while hooked to the computer.

"The iPod continues the Apple 'think different' approach. With the ultimately simple box profile and radial dial interface, this kind of visual simplicity shouts 'hold me' - 'try me.' Both as strong continuity of brand design and as a unique approach toward features and functionally, the iPod shines as the most memorable design solution of IDEA entries this year." — Frank Nuovo, IDSA

Contact: Teri Pelton,
Apple Computer, Inc.,

Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.