Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA)


The Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) brings a long-needed technological advance to processing patient information. Instead of pencil and paper, doctors and nurses use a portable computer platform to organize, store and process patient data. For instance, a barcode scanner can scan patient wristbands, medication bottles and IV bags to reduce medication-dispensing errors and automatically record procedures. An integrated digital camera supplements patient charting and progress notes. And wireless connectivity gives doctors and nurses instant access to electronic medical records. Best of all, MCA doesn’t look complicated or intimidating because all of its features are intuitively organized. The device has received much praise; during trials, nurses were so satisfied with MCA that they did not want to relinquish it at the end of the study.

Contact: Ariel Turgel
Whipsaw Inc.

Credit: Whipsaw, Inc.

Client:Intel Corp.