Infinity Climber


A radical departure from traditional play structures, this sculpturally beautiful piece challenges children to play in a different way. The free-form flowing shape defies flat planes and presents an appearance of organic movement. A drastic departure from static playgrounds, children are challenged to move their bodies around a constantly flowing shape.

  • Designed with a base shape that may be configured to fit special and budgetary needs.

"Well-crafted sculptural forms are, as one would expect, visually enriching; but more so, they cultivate a positive mind-set and contribute to the overall healthiness of the community. Physical play is certainly healthy, but also teaches children to make decisions, instills confidence, and develops their sense of focus. Little Tikes, through the organic, friendly, graceful shape of the Infinity Climber, has produced a superlative fusion of these rarely united necessities of childhood. Imparting these experiences in such an open-ended way is what makes this product so successful." - Judy Ellis, IDSA, Founder and Chairperson, The Toy Design Department, Fashion Institute of Technology

Contact: Sheri Gillett,
Little Tikes Commercial (now a PlayPower Inc. company),

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Credit: Little Tikes Commercial