IBM TransNote


With all of the high-tech methods of recording information, the legal pad still shows up at meetings along with a variety of personal computing devices. Now the soft TransNote portfolio bridges the gap between computing and notetaking by preserving the act of pen on paper and the resulting hard copy while digitizing the notes for later retrieval and manipulation. The keyboard is even tucked away under the hinged display to emphasize the traditional paper pad and intuitive touchscreen.

"Versatility reigns in this design that solves an old problem - it’s socially awkward (and usually disruptive) to bring your laptop into a meeting, but time-consuming and inconvenient to translate your meeting notes later. Through clever packaging of components and a folding hinge for the display, the designers have joined the paper notepad and the laptop computer together in a way that brings synergy to the union. The clean black rectilinear form language communicates businesslike efficiency and keeps the distraction factor down. Functional wit makes this a winner." -Gavin Ivester, IDSA

Contact: Ron Smith, IDSA,
IBM Corp.,

Designers: IBM Corp., US & Japan