Hullavator Vehicle Roof Rack System


Client: Thule Inc.

The Hullavator makes it easier for one person to load and unload watercraft from the roof of their car. By cutting in half the strength needed to lift a kayak on top of a vehicle and reducing traditional loading height by more than three feet, boating is now more accessible to a wider audience. The Hullavator functions without coming into contact with the vehicle, lessening the scratches and dents that often come with traditional methods of securing a boat to a car roof. Soft pads protect the craft and also reduce vibration and noise while in transit. Styling and materials produce a contemporary and robust product image that appeals to active consumers. The Hullavator also offers broader application potentials for canoes, skis, snowboards, cargo cases, ladders and construction supplies through a universal design than can incorporate various modules.

Contact: Casey Ketterhagen,
Johnson Outdoors Inc., USA,

Credit: Johnson Outdoors Inc.; Thule Inc.