HP Scanjet 4670


An ultra thin scanner that is no longer anchored to the desktop! This vertical window scanner takes up almost no space and provides a convenient and intuitive way to scan oversized media at home. An easel holder allows for quick and accurate placement and the frames can be instantly removed for scanning thicker books or magazines. The designers thought of all the objections to traditional scanning and overcame them with style.

"The HP Scanjet 4670 redefines the user experience for scanning data and imagery, from the magical and innovative "see-through window" for face up scanning and document positioning, to free scanning of oversized media in a horizontal or vertical plane. The team did a fantastic job of making technology accessible and intuitive and communicating a new way to work. Compelling out of the box thinking - I sense the demise of the traditional flatbed scanner!" - Donald Brown, IDSA, Design Specialist, Strategy, Xerox Corp.

Contact: Mo Khovaylo,

Credit: Hewlett-Packard and Smart Design