HomeHero™ Fire Extinguisher


Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, which consumers often find cumbersome and difficult to use (not to mention ugly), the HomeHero is a welcome, user-friendly alternative. Graphics on the point-of-purchase packaging and the product label succinctly explain where and how to use the extinguisher. The HomeHero can also be linked with the company's other safety products, such as CO/smoke alarms, via an accessory Docking Station (launching in 2008). Therefore, an entire house can be alerted to the presence of fire whenever the extinguisher is removed from its base. Most importantly, because of its fashion-conscious array of materials, colors and finishes, homeowners won't want to keep the HomeHero hidden out of view, ensuring it will be in reach when seconds matter.

Press Statement regarding the HomeHero™ Fire Extinguisher

“This design shows how elegance can enhance function. These designers understand that if a fire extinguisher looks good, users will be more likely to keep it handy.”

Steve Wilcox, FIDSA, Principal, Design Science

Contact: Kelly Cassell, Imre Communications (Media Contact)

Tara Grote, Arnell Group, LLC (Design Contact)

Credit: Arnell Group, LLC

Client: The Home Depot® - Orange Works™