Handspring Treo


Client: Handspring, Inc.

The true substance of design-well-done utility and very good price versus functionality-makes the Handspring Treo one of the best handheld products of the year. The unit combines the functionality of a handheld computer with a cellular phone. This wireless access and web-browsing device also uses a Palm OS organizer and is powered by a lithium ion battery. The Treo is available with a built-in QWERTY keyboard or a Graffiti writing area.

"The TREO does it all-it's a cell phone, PDA and web browser with E-mail and SMS messaging. It's all packaged in an amazingly compact enclosure that is easy to learn, a pleasure to use and aesthetically pleasing. I was so impressed, I bought one." — Jack Beduhn, FIDSA

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: IDEO and Handspring, Inc.