Hammerhead Sled


Client: Cherry Max Sleds

Sledding has been reinvented for the 21st century with the Hammerhead Sled. By using innovative new materials, mechanisms, aesthetics and technology, the design increases performance, comfort and, hopefully, the user age base. Snow sleds are typically not designed for adults: they are too small, not engineered to handle the weight of an adult and they offer no shock absorption.

In order to appeal to adults, the Hammerhead offers a suspension fabric to absorb bumps and is extremely lightweight for carrying up hills. It also offers superior speed and handling. The sled's appearance was critical. It needed to be emotionally engaging and enticing while being instantly recognizable as a snow sled, which the designers achieved by paying aesthetic homage to the original Flexible Flyer.

Contact: Christian Trifilio, IDSA,
Worrell Design Inc., USA,

Credit: Worrell Design Inc.