H-racer and Hydrogen Station Set


The H-racer and Hydrogen Station Set is not just a toy car: it is also a small-scale manifestation for environmentally sustainable, energy independent transportation based on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Children and their parents can watch as only water and the sun generate hydrogen in the fueling station and hydrogen fills the car’s light-blue fuel tank. No batteries are included because no batteries are required. The car is solely powered by the hydrogen fuel cell. Although the H-racer is an educational tool, it doesn’t look like one with its sleek, futuristic exterior, metallic body and bright-blue accents. Hydrogen power is an abstract concept for most people, and the H-racer and Hydrogen Station Set is poised to bring the idea of clean energy to a much wider audience.

Contact: William Brent

Credit: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd (Singapore)