GlowBuoy Floating Pool Light


Client: Ultralight Floating Objects Inc., Canada

The GlowBuoy™ is a battery powered, floating swimming pool light powerful enough to illuminate an average size pool. It offers an affordable alternative to permanently installed pool lights and adds a warm ambient glow to nighttime swimming. Its uniform 360-degree design refracts light evenly throughout the pool, eliminating the shadows and dark spots inherent with wall pool lights. The design is also easy to use: just turn it on and throw it in the pool. The soft top, rounded shapes and color were drawn from aquatic plants and animals for a friendly appeal. Molded foam padding along the top will not damage pool liners and is gentle to the touch. Recharging is simple, intuitive and error-proof with a safety lock-out feature to ensure users cannot operate and charge the unit at the same time.

Contact: John Tutton,
DW Product Development, Canada,
613.727.3880 x203,

Credit: DW Product Development, Canada