Gerber SippySnacker


The SippySnacker is a reinvention of the iconic sippy cup that, for the first time, combines a spill-proof cup and snack holder. The snack and liquid containers have the unique capacity to snap together, and the snack holder has a bowl-like lid that hold the snacks as the child eats. The designers have also improved the spill-proof mechanism and enhanced the ergonomics by considering how children hold cups and tilt their heads to drink. The necks of the cups have been narrowed to accommodate small hands and angled so a child is no longer forced to tilt her head at an awkward angle. A divot in the lid allows room for the child's nose when drinking. The SippySnacker also has a playful look that appeals to children and their lifestyles.

"What impresses me about this entry is that it has the appeal of a child without being child-like. It is functional, ergonomic and does not age quickly." -Nasir Kassamali, IDSA, Owner, Luminaire

Contact: Emily McCormick,
Fitch, USA,

Credit: Fitch; Gerber