EMBER Natural Emollient Massage Candles


EMBER is a unique line of scented candles that contain a blend of clean-burning natural waxes that when melted can be used as massage oil. The custom-designed porcelain container provides a smooth, flattering reflected light, and when dispensing the melted wax, the subtle corner spout was engineered to minimize dribbles. Once on the skin, the wax will not harden nor does it need to be washed off. The porcelain top serves both as a lid (to snuff the candle and keep the wax free of dust) and a trivet (to protect surfaces from heat and stray wax). EMBER has significantly impacted the company’s bottom line, exceeding initial sales projections and ranking among the company’s top selling products.

Contact: Ethan Imboden

Credit: Jimmyjane

Client: Jimmyjane