Duet Fabric Care System and Dreamspace


Whirlpool has created large capacity, front-loading washer and dryers, using the largest drum opening in the industry. The washer drum is tilted to improve washing performance and accessibility. Hand washables cycle allows silks to be washed at home. The Duet Fabric Car System and Dreamspace uses 67% less water compared to convention washers.

"The Duet System is an excellent example of design at its very best; it's an elegant solution to a very difficult business problem through the strategic application of design. Intelligent and well thought-through from end to end." -Brian Matt, IDSA, CEO, Altitude.

Contact: Tania Aldous, IDSA,
Whirlpool Corp., Global Consumer Design,

Credit: Whirlpool Corp., US and Italy

Web link: whirlpool.com