Decru DataFort


Client: Decru

The Decru DataFort is a system of rack-mounted network security appliances that protect an organization's most valuable asset-its information. The design team created a visual brand for Decru that would engender feelings of strength, security and reliability in users. Its heavy block grid gives a fortified, trustworthy appearance that assures the highly confidential and proprietary information inside is protected. Confidence in the machine's power is bolstered by the venting pattern and curved protruded LCD interaction module. In order to differentiate the DataFort from traditional network peripherals and servers, which are usually faced with bland sheet metal plates, designers employed a blue and black color scheme. The designers also kept tooling and manufacturing costs to a minimum, all within a four-week turnaround.

Contact: Beth Kluender,
Ziba Design, USA,

Credit: Ziba Design