Clip - Un-screw Assembly Personal Mono Laser Printer


The Clip - Un-screw Assembly Personal Mono Laser Printer was designed with the goal of changing the manufacturing process by putting it in the hands of the consumer. Clip requires no knowledge about printer assembly or parts with no need to fasten a large number of screws. The design of Clip enables users to simply and efficiently assemble the printer. The goal of the project was to innovatively change the manufacturing process for a personal laser printer.

It is not easy to apply a cover to a traditional printer’s engine unit. In addition to requiring knowledge about the part assembly sequence, there is the inconvenience of fastening a great number of screws. With the Clip - Un-screw Assembly Personal Mono Laser Printer, instead of using screws the designers created a structure embedded with clips that are easily connected by hand without any tools. The exterior shell of the Clip printer is produced as one planar form. When the planar form is folded, the clips along the edges can be snapped together to assemble the shell.

The biggest challenge with Clip was to overcome the restrictions of the material (plastic) for the folding process. Rather than employing acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, which is typically used for printer exteriors, the designers used compressed polyethylene (PE), which is widely used in the kitchen container market. Use of compressed PE ensures a seamless connection even with a folding structure and enables the creation of an injection molded product that is not restricted in form like ABS. Such an approach can be applied not only to printers but almost all products in box form, resulting in a substantial reduction in manufacturing processes.

The Clip - Un-screw Assembly Personal Mono Laser Printer delivers a sense of honesty, solidity and reliability. This design combined with its unique production method results in greater simplicity. Harmony is achieved between the elaborately structured linear form and the clips. The clips decorate a form that would otherwise seem plain, serving as a design element that creates interesting interjections on an otherwise clean surface.


Designed by Min-chul Kim, Sang-in Lee and Seung-wook Jeong of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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