CafeSolo coffee-maker


Client: EVA DENMARK A/S, Denmark

The CafeSolo™ coffee-maker is both an innovation in form and process. It is a new coffee brewing method and an integrated brewing and serving device, using no machinery or filters, no steam or pushing and pulling. Boiling water is poured directly onto ground coffee beans and stirred. After four minutes the coffee is ready to be served directly from the carafe. The filter funnel ensures that coarse particles are retained and the drip-free lip prevents spills. With the neoprene cover the coffee is kept at serving temperature for up to 30 minutes.

"Cowboy coffee in a Danish carafe, suited up in a sleek zippered jacket to keep it warm-the Eva Solo Café coffee maker packs a remarkable range of references into the simplest and most economical (no coffee filters) of designs. The d.i.y. aspect of making coffee has become so Byzantine that it is refreshing to see the ritual brought back to its essence-boiling water and coffee grinds." -Susan Yelavich, IDSA, Faculty, Parsons School of Design, writer & author

Contact: Jacob Mohr Hansen,
0045 36 73 20 60,

Credit: Tools Design, Denmark