A new wine tote design lets the fun start before the bottle is ever opened. The design team made a smart material selection in choosing bonded nylon neoprene, which provides thermal insulation and shock absorption along with unlimited color choice and the bag's uniquely bouncy feel. The bag is designed to separate two bottles, preventing breakage, and the contoured bottom lets the material hug the bottle's form, allowing it to stand upright. The proportioning of the handle cut-out gives the loaded bag a progressive and secure springy feeling that makes just carrying the wine a light-hearted experience.

"I love it! It's simple, affordable and so functional. The form, the fun colors, the handle and the stitching are lovely and the idea is great. The brilliant selection of materials floats this design to the top of a very competitive category! The designers describe a clear set of objectives and the final product speaks for itself as a testament to a smart solution." - Judy Riley, IDSA, Sr. Director Industrial Design, Moen Inc.

Contact: Aaron Lown,
Built NY Inc,

Credit: Built NY Inc