Black & Decker 360 Bullseye Laser


Client: Black & Decker, Canada

Black & Decker wanted to create a rotary laser (a device that projects a horizontal line all around a room), which automatically levels itself, had an integral tripod and cost 30 percent less than its competitors' versions. This unit offers all that and more. The system includes a removable auto-leveling laser unit, a custom tripod with a patented snap lock mechanism, adjustable hanging strap and a thread for use of a standard tripod if the integrated one becomes damaged. It also costs three to four times less than other devices.

  • Typical rotary lasers use spinning dots to mark the line. This device provides a solid, single line, which is easier to see.

Contact: Rob Watters, IDSA,
DW Product Development Inc, Canada
613.727.3880 x302,

Credit: DW Product Development Inc, Canada and Black & Decker