Belkin OmniView SoHo Series KVM


Client: Belkin Components

Taking an innovative step to organize the desktop, the Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) allows the user to take control of more than one computer while utilizing only one keyboard, video and mouse station. The KVM is a space saving, cost effective way to control multiple computers and platforms simultaneously at the touch of a simple control.

"A product that provides a great answer to the elusive design question, "Does it respect the user," the OmniView organizes the desktop and makes operation easier by eliminating the need for extra monitors, keyboards and mice. The aesthetics convey that feeling of overall organization." — Carla Blackman, IDSA

Contact: Ernesto Quinteros, IDSA,
Belkin Components,
(323)469-1060 x12;
Darren Saravis, IDSA,
(562) 856-8500;

Credit: Belkin Components and Nectar Design