AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC)


The PIC is a low-cost, easy-to-use basic computing device designed to provide 50 percent of the world’s population access to the Internet by 2015. In order to meet the limitations of the developing world, the device needed to be inexpensive, easily assembled, impermeable to dust, rugged enough to work in a mud hut with a sand floor (i.e., no fan/venting system) and intuitively operated by first-time technology users. The PIC’s simple design (it requires no special tools and uses only six screws) enables it to be locally manufactured, dramatically reducing production and transportation costs and facilitating job growth. In addition, all the ports are accessible and understandable, eliminating the out-of-the-box installation confusion typical of most PCs.

Contact: Adam Lerner
M3 Design
512.218.8858 x238

Credit: M3 Design

Client: AMD