Air Nut


Air Nut is a combination of two smart products that monitors indoor and outdoor environment, allowing users to keep an eye on their local living environment. The indoor part is an interactive product that monitors the temperature, moisture and air quality (CO2, PM2.5 particles). It also can be connected and controlled by apps to work as alarm clock, etc. The API port also opens to connect with other home appliances. The outdoor part monitors air pressure. It has two options for easy installation and fits different situations. It is designed for complex, weather conditions as well as to coordinate with the style of the indoor product. This combination could help the world’s air connect to Wi-Fi and allow users to get to know their living environment better, perhaps increasing eco-consciousness.

Designed by: Rong Zhong, Guangyuan Wang, Yingjie Sun and Fei Yang of HANGZHOU LPZ Industrial Design Co., LTD