3D Mechanical Puzzle


Client: elogIQ

This 3D mechanical puzzle challenges the physical dexterity and mental capacity of any one aged five and up. The goal is to achieve a single-color configuration, out of six possible, for all the spheres, which when moved spin together in either the x or y direction. Designers addressed many problems when executing the concept. In order to integrate six colors on each of the spheres they used individually molded segments instead of labels or printing. The mechanical problem of each sphere being part of both an x and y row was solved by inventing spherical gears that act as gears when three spheres are spinning as a row in one direction and act as pivot points when spheres are spinning in the other direction. The success of this puzzle, the first product for this company, has funded the creation of Puzzle II, which is in development.

Contact: Matt Marhefka, IDSA,
M Designs, USA,
(215) 953-9033,

Credit: M Designs; elogIQ