17", 19" LCD Monitor - SyncMaster 173P, 193P


This high-end monitor was designed to capture the home computing market. High glossy white and sanded aluminum material creates an appealing look that outshines the usual silver and black color combinations. By replacing buttons with a mouse, omitting an air vent and hiding the cables at the rear of the stand, a clean, modern look has been achieved that makes this design a stand-out.

  • Dual hinge, pivot, tilt and swivel functions
  • Wall and desktop monitors are available.

"In this highly saturated new market segment, the Samsung Syncmaster 173P LCD Display clearly stood out from the competitive 'sea of sameness.' The basic simplicity and thin form, elegant execution and use of materials and holistic thoughtfulness made this product a distinctive clear choice winner. This is the type of product that would harmoniously blend in most home and business environments without visually shouting." -Donald Brown, IDSA, Design Specialist, Strategy, Xerox Corp.

Contact: Kang-il Chung,
Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, Korea

Credit: Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, Korea